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African Contributions to Civilizations: Prehistoric to Modern Times

My intent is to present and display the results of these new findings and to reference the various African Scholars and Scientists whose life’s work it is to uncover and provide proof of its existence. Based on this new evidence, modern human behavior is correlated directly with anatomically modern humans going back about 200,000 years found only in Africa.

African contributions will remove the veil that has prevented, distorted and destroyed the truth of our ancestor’s accomplishments from prehistoric to modern times.

This site was created to present this evidence in a timely fashion. Technology has made it possible to document and accurately date the African contributions to civilization.

The oldest DNA lineages show the greatest diversity. Only in Africa is this evidence provided in the populations of Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. Some of the earliest evidence for modern human behavior has been found in people of this area, who were culturally complex very early on, even by the middle stone age (200,000 – 30,000 years ago).


Both Obelisks are early examples of African traditions indigenous to the field of architecture and engineering going back over 5000 years.

Obelisk - Axum, Ethiopia

A 24 meters tall (79 ft) granite obelisk. The obelisk is 1,700 years old and weighs around 160 tonnes. It features two false doors at the base and decorations that resemble windows along all sides

Obelisk - Luxor, Egypt

Two giant obelisks once stood at the entrance of the Luxor Temple, a UNESCO world heritage site. The right one was given as a present to France during the 19th century and it now stands in the Place de la Concorde. The left obelisk still stands today at the entrance.

Philadelphia Art Museum

Julian Abele: Architect / Designer of Philadelphia Art Museum

Archie A. Alexander

Famous engineer who built bridges, power plants, sewage disposal plants, and air ports.

African American Scientists, Engineers, and Technological Pioneers

African-American Universities

Since their inception, these colleges and universities have produced some of Americas’ most outstanding Architects and Engineers, Dentists, Doctors, Scientists, Lawyers, and scholars of African descent.

Our continued financial support will ensure their continued productive progress from the 21st through 25th centuries and beyond.

Afro Caribbean Medical Schools

A List of Medical Schools in the Caribbean

Morehouse School of Medicine

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science

Southern University and A&M College

Tennessee State University

Delaware State University

Lincoln University of Pennsylvania

Spelman College

Virgina Union University